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    A380 -?Airlines &amp; Destinations

    A380 -?Airlines & Destinations

    More details on the Airbus A380



    Benefits to Airlines



    Airlines destinations

    A global route network for A380s in airline service

    The A380 double-deck jetliner’s route network continues to grow as customer airlines expand their commercial operations to destinations around the world.

    An A380 takes off or lands every two minutes on average somewhere in the world.

    Where is the A380 flying?

    Where is the A380 flying?

    Review the complete list of destinations on Airbus’ dedicated iflyA380.com website

    Air traffic growth capacity

    Airbus' A380 is the most efficient solution for capturing growth at the world's busiest airports.

    As global air traffic continues to grow, the spacious A380 is the optimal solution for efficiently meeting increasing passenger demand. The A380 – which typically seats more than 500 travellers – provides immediate congestion relief for some of the world’s busiest airports by offering unrivalled capability to carry 60 per cent more passengers at the lowest cost on the market.?

    Airlines and airports benefit from this increased capacity – as extra passengers can be served at key hubs during high-value peak times. For example, one of the world’s busiest A380 airports – London Heathrow – has been able to serve millions of new passengers annually in recent years as airlines have adapted to capacity restrictions by using larger aircraft.

    Airbus’ A380 also delivers superior environmental protection, resulting in 50% less?CO2 emissions per passenger than its nearest competitor. Further demonstrating the A380’s reputation as a good neighbour and sustainable solution is the jetliner’s low noise emissions. In many cases, the larger wing area of the A380 enables it to land significantly slower, which generates half the noise of competing large aircraft.

    Ground operations

    The A380’s proven compatibility at airport gates is demonstrated around the world: multiple airlines perform daily scheduled A380 services separated by quick turnaround times of 90 minutes.

    The A380 is highly compatible with existing airport infrastructure, allowing for smooth airline operations and differentiated services for passengers. It is designed to reduce time at the gate during critical stages for airlines: boarding and deboarding passengers and resupplying the galley for the next flight.

    The A380 shares many key characteristics with smaller wide-body jetliners, which means carriers can perform scheduled operations from Code E gates with minimal changes to infrastructure and ground handling equipment. The A380’s superior cabin architecture allows airlines to quickly board and disembark passengers – even without upper deck boarding, and to optimize catering time, done at the upper and main deck simultaneously for shorter turnarounds.

    The ground servicing equipment for the A380 has been in service since the aircraft began commercial flights and is compatible with other wide-body aircraft. The A380 is always capable of offering innovative concepts to improve airline branding. Upper deck boarding provides an additional possibility to offer passengers customized services. Many airlines today are offering a seamless transition from the ground to the air at these locations, with dedicated lounges for premium travellers that provide direct boarding to the A380’s upper deck.

    A380s have entered the fleets of 15 world-class operators

    An A380 takes off or lands every two minutes on average

    Each airline benefits from the A380’s passenger attraction in a wide range of route applications – including short- and medium-range operations, in addition to long-haul service.

    Visit www.iflya380.com

    Visit www.iflya380.com

    Airbus’ A380, the preferred aircraft of passengers around the world.

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    Airport compatibility
    Expanding the power of the A380
    Visit www.iflya380.com

    Visit www.iflya380.com

    Airbus’ A380, the preferred aircraft of passengers around the world.

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