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    Increasing access to education opportunities

    Education is one of the most powerful drivers of progress. At Airbus, we believe everyone is entitled to quality education, including our employees and young people worldwide. We partner with universities, schools and NGOs to increase access to education and to support programmes that inspire passion for aerospace.

    Airbus Leadership University: our global education network

    The Airbus Leadership University is a global education network that provides technical and soft skills development to our employees. Its mission is to develop our people’s leadership skills by:

    • Promoting experiential development
    • Connecting them to other Airbus leaders, entrepreneurs and start-ups, and other external leaders to encourage collaboration and open innovation
    • Providing access to a broad portfolio of development programmes, including courses, blended learning solutions, conferences, learning expeditions and more


    The University’s flagship campus is located in Toulouse, France. An additional six campuses are located close to Airbus sites around the world. And thanks to a portfolio of thousands of online programmes, the University’s reach extends to approximately 30,000 employees each year, across all functions and levels.

    Airbus Leadership University campus in Toulouse, France Airbus
    Company 19 September 2016

    Airbus Leadership University campus in Toulouse, France

    The flagship campus of the Airbus Leadership University is located in Toulouse, France

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    Leadership University 16 September 2016

    Airbus Group Leadership University Campus 02

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    Airbus Leadership University, a hub for current and future leaders

    Airbus employees at all levels can connect to a broad network of external and internal leaders

    Airbus Leadership University, a global education hub H. Gousse / Master Films
    Corporate Social Responsibility 05 September 2018

    Airbus Leadership University, a global education hub

    Campuses are conveniently located close to Airbus sites around the world

    Promoting employee mobility to shape the future of work

    We strongly believe a more-educated workforce is a more-empowered workforce. Our people have access to a wealth of employee development and training opportunities. Mobility is a crucial part of this. Each year, approximately 12,000 of our people changed jobs within Airbus, moving to new departments, cities or even countries.?


    By participating in employee mobility programmes, our people are empowered to:

    • Develop new skills and broaden their horizons
    • Bring fresh ideas to the company
    • Foster collaboration and embed agility into our corporate culture

    Inspiring young people to prepare for STEM careers

    Jobs related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) form the backbone of our company. They are also at the core of solving many of the societal challenges the world faces. Our international programme of quality education initiatives is designed to inspire children and young adults to explore the benefits of a STEM-related career.

    the Airbus Lycée is one of the few company owned  technical colleges in France. It trains some 300 young people each year, in four trades in the aeronautical sector. Around one hundred students graduate each year from the Airbus Lycée.

    Lycée Airbus

    This vocational secondary school, located in the heart of one of our Airbus plants in Toulouse, enables 350 students each year to develop manual skills in the aerospace sector.

    Participants of the Airbus Foundation Little Engineer workshop in Botswana

    Airbus Foundation Little Engineer

    This initiative encourages young people in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East to explore STEM subjects via hands-on workshops on robotics.

    Airbus Foundation Flying Challenge

    Airbus Foundation Flying Challenge

    This programme inspires young people to continue their education, find their professional vocation and realise their dreams through mentoring opportunities with our people.

    Airbus Leadership University

    Airbus Leadership University

    Discover Corporate Citizenship at Airbus

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