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    Safety multimedia & e-learning

    In the framework of Airbus Helicopters’ commitment to safety, this website section is made available for the rotorcraft community. It provides informative content related to safety management, safety culture and emergency procedures. Most of this content is the result of Airbus Helicopters’ collaboration with operators and national authorities.

    Safety promotion?

    In 2018, Airbus Helicopters conducted, or took part in, more than 180 events to promote safety in rotorcraft operations. To share these as widely as possible, some have been recorded and are made available below:

    Safety Management System (SMS)

    To view the Safety Management video with subtitles, press “Play,” then select the language choice (English, Spanish, Chinese, or Japanese) from the top left menu.

    Additional videos

    Bruce Webb's conference, "Hope is Not a Strategy"      
    Bruce Webb's safety conference, "Unintended Consequences"      
    Safety Roadshow      


    Multimedia for technicians

    The following selection of videos were created to raise maintenance engineers’ awareness of good practices, as well as specific detailed guidance on dedicated tasks. It benefits from lessons learned in the areas of support engineering and maintainability.


    Torque tightening: Torque readjustment      
    Tightening Torque: Torque check      
    Tightening Torque: Application      
    Tightening Torque: Best Practices      
    Human Factor Analysis Process      

    Multimedia for instructors

    Created through the cooperation of Airbus Helicopters and the Airbus Helicopters Training Services Approved Training Organization (AHTS ATO), the hydraulic failure training procedure video and quiz are offered to assist instructors in the preparation of their courses. Together, they focus on mitigating risks associated with the teaching of emergency procedures.?

    Hydraulic failure training procedure for flight instructors on AS350s with a single hydraulic system

    Multimedia for pilots


    H125 pilot pre-flight check      
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